The four-month-old Delhi–6 takes you to the heart of Chandni Chowk

Most Delhites would recognise ‘Delhi-6' as the pin code for Chandni Chowk in old Delhi, an address made quite famous in the eponymous Hindi film.

The four-month-old restaurant on CMH Road hopes to bring to Bangaloreans a flavour of the magical and chaotic Chandni Chowk where the aromas of steaming parathas and jalebis beckon.

Bivash Das and wife Priyanka Singh, who started the eatery, serve up deliciously rich north Indian fare, with its trademark tomato and onion-based gravies, cashew nuts and cream, cooked on a low flame — dal makhani and shahi paneer or tandoor-baked naans and rotis. The décor is simple and perfect for a leisurely meal. Sink into comfy sofas with an aam panna (raw mango juice spiced with jeera powder and saunf) that will refresh you instantly.

Starters that impress you are the spicy chandini kebabs (with a cashew nut-based paste), kakori kebab (minced mutton) served with pudina chutney and tandoori mushroom.

There are 15 varieties of bread to choose from. The methi chicken is a great accompaniment as is shahi paneer. The three-layered, dum-cooked chicken biryani, done in Lucknowi style, is a fly-away hit. During lunch and dinner, Delhi-6 offers combo meals that include Chinese. There is a great pick of desserts to choose from: moong dal halwa is a delicacy that is cooked elaborately: dal is soaked overnight, later fried in ghee along with cardamom, khova, nuts, cashew and sugar and given a short buzz in the food processor. It is later cooked on a slow flame for the perfect consistency. For more information, call 9845079555.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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