Food, music and a board game… all yours at Brewberrys, The Coffee Bar

In a locality dotted with restaurants serving Punjabi cuisine and Andhra meals — until about two years ago — residents of Bellandur looking for continental food and a place to unwind would drive all the way to Koramangala where one is spoilt for choice. That's when Sanaat Srinivasan and Saliil Arakkal decided it was time Bellandur received its share of continental fare. Thus, was born Brewberrys, The Coffee Bar.

It is easy to miss Brewberrys amidst all the dust and mess of the nearby flyover that is under construction. However, when you enter the eatery, the first thing that catches your eye is the red wall adorned with a black guitar.

Brewberrys is an ideal place for those who want to spend a lazy Sunday away from their kitchen. I started with a mocktail called ‘Datings' and my companion chose the classic Irish Frappe. Try Datings if you like the combined taste of banana and dates in vanilla ice-cream topped with blue Curacao sauce. The Spanish omelette is worth a try, and lays a foundation for the day.

Ask the waiters for the board games. As you face-off a fierce battle of chess at mid-day, the chicken chilly sausage might just egg you on to some brilliant strategies. While your game could be fiery, the sausage is mild. Brewberrys is a labyrinth of sorts; the red and yellow walls attract you to them with their adornments. As you go closer to the red wall, a passage leads you to a plusher seating area. This time, the walls are green, replete with pictures of Michael Jackson and this is where you can move on to some mid-day indulgence.

“We serve many brews here,” says Sanaat. “This is the only place in this area that serves both beer and coffee.” I chose a steaming cup of the signature Brewberrys coffee. An interesting item on the menu for the main course is chicken stuffed with mushroom and topped with brown sauce. Brownie points for the presentation — the dish is garnished with an artistic flurry of curry leaves.

In the dessert section, ‘Men in Black' is a popular choice with its scoops of ice-cream served with chocolate and cream. The prices are reasonable considering the service and the ambience. A meal for two would be approximately Rs. 400. Brewberrys is a place where you can come for a late breakfast, stay for lunch and bond over music, food and games.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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