Come August-September, duty-free shopping at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) will never be the same again. Chettinad pillars, kolam-inspired patterns and jhumka-influenced lighting will greet travellers.

Airport retailer Nuance Group (India), which was awarded a five-year extension of the concession contract in May 2013, has drawn up big plans.

With a proposition for new décor and complete revamp of the shopping experience at the departure and arrival duty-free shopping, the group plans to breathe soul and character into the place.

While the style of the duty-free shopping area now is subtle with an airy touch of class, including the pick-on-arrival service and tasting counters, the future style will provide a timeless experience with many quirky Indian and international elements.

International standards

Be it chocolate at the Lindt counter tailored for you by experts, or souvenirs at the ‘Spirit of India’ store, perfume and cosmetics at luxury brands, duty-free shopping at the BIA hopes to reach international standards.

Using digital technology, you will now get the opportunity to try on nail enamel without actually having to try it on.

Adding to that, you can choose your perfume according to your zodiac sign.

The new décor will bring Indian elements together with a sharp blend of international shopping experience.

Décor important

Anirban Dutta Chowdhury, country head of Nuance Group (India) Pvt. Ltd., told The Hindu, “We believe that the décor and feel of a place is extremely important. With the revamp, we not only plan to bring out a boutique-style approach for time-starved travel shoppers, but also provide a global experience. Value offers and ambience will be assimilated with futuristic technology, we have been paying great attention to detail while designing the proposed renovation.”

“The new décor at the arrival bay is expected to be ready by August, and the departure area by late-September,” Jay Acharya, marketing and business development manager at Nuance Group (India) Pvt. Ltd., said.

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