How often have we lauded a new missile that is blasted off successfully into space? We, as laymen often forget about them after a while. There are many such forgotten man-made objects floating in space which are forming a dangerous layer of space debris.

To discuss this new threat, Bangalore Media Centre is, in association with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, organising “Pollutetech India 2010”, a futuristic two-day seminar and expo on environment and pollution here in October.

Space debris

Space scientists will discuss the rapid accumulation of orbital junk which will have an immediate impact on weather forecasting, global positioning navigation, television signals and international phone connections among other things.

The debris is also said to affect other functioning spacecrafts through space abrasion due to repeated small-particle impact or a catastrophic fragmentation in case of collision with a large object. Orbital debris is also said to pose a threat to inhabitants of the earth.

Containing pollution

The seminar will also explore other topics, including waste management and recycling, air and water pollution in urban areas and solutions to contain it, and deliberating environmental policies and sustainable development.

The seminar will be held on October 29 and 30 at the J.N. Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science. For details, call Ph: 22370656.

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