To propagate scientific temperament among schoolchildren, Putani Vignana, over the past 17 years, has been conducting various science competitions.

The year 2009 was celebrated as “Darwin's Year” worldwide in memory of scientist and author of “Origin of Species” Charles Darwin. It has been 200 years since Darwin was born and 150 years since his famous book was published. “Darwin 200” awards, commemorating Darwin's bicentenary, were given away to some schools here on Saturday and Sunday.

As part of the celebrations, Putani Vignana organised several competitions this year with theme on bio-diversity in which students used their creativity and exhibited their talent.

Of the 4,400 schools that participated, 190 schools from Bangalore and 154 schools from rural areas were selected for the award. The organisation has scheduled a few more events for the other parts of Karnataka.

K.M. Rajiya, a government school teacher from Kodagu district, who received the award on behalf of her school, said: “This event helps us learn more about Darwin and other famous scientists. By attending such events, students gain knowledge about science. It teaches them to think rationally, disbelieve superstitions, and pushes them to study science. It also helps make them curious, rousing their interest in the study of science.”

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