Tech City's students and parents turn to the Net and mobile phones

With examination results available both online and through text messages within an hour of their formal announcement, students and their wards were not exactly beating a path to the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) office in Malleswaram on Thursday.

The results were announced online at noon on over 13 registered websites. They were also available to students via text messages.


Curiously, even the few students milling around the KSEEB were spotted browsing through their phones anxiously to know their results. Rohith K. from Little Lilly's English School, Mahalakshmi Layout, who was present at the Board office when the results were formally announced by the education minister, learned his status through the internet.

Grinning broadly on having learned that he had scored 87.52 per cent, the youngster said: “Getting my marks through the internet was very convenient. Now I don't need to wait till tomorrow to know my marks.”

Instant information

Nandish, a teacher and parent from Sanjay Nagar, was appreciative of technology's role in reaching the information instantaneously. “I saw my son's results online and am here only to double check,” he said.

“We have received over 1,000 calls since the morning from anxious students inquiring as to when the results would be available on our site,” said Santhan Kumar S., Senior Executive, Marketing and Development, With an array of websites posting the examination marks, students were only a click away from knowing how well they fared.

“All details about the examination marks are available on the internet for students to see,” said D. Venkateshaiah, Director, Exams, KSEEB, adding that students across the State would be able to collect their marks cards from their schools on Friday.