Election hangover

Though polling has ended and the Election Commission has partially relaxed the model code of conduct in the State, Ministers appear to be still smarting under the “pressure” of the code. As the Chief Minister convened the Cabinet meeting on Monday, presspersons were waiting in the conference hall of the Vidhana Soudha for briefing. Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister T.B. Jayachandra, who normally briefs the media, did not arrive. With deadlines for the print media inching closer, one of the journalists called Mr. Jayachandra’s private secretary and requested him to inform the Minister about the waiting journalists. When the Minister made his appearance, he said he was not aware of the briefing. He said he was under the impression that the code was still in existence. Before commencing the briefing, Mr. Jayachandra said that the government was just out of “chunavana soothaka”. (election mourning).

Haunted headquarters?

Hundreds of people visit the BBMP headquarters every day. But recently, rumours of a visit by a ghost did the rounds.

It is said that a sweeper, who was cleaning one of the rooms on the top floor in the council building, heard the sound of anklets. She knew she was alone and tried to follow the sound. On finding no one around, the petrified sweeper lost consciousness. Her colleague roused her and took her to a temple to ward off evil spirits. When news spread, several broadcast channels rushed to the headquarters in hope of capturing the ethereal being. The television reporters were later heard badgering a BBMP official for “footage” of their special visitor!


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