Marriage woes

In less than two days, S. Rajanna, a schoolteacher, will be married. But instead of enjoying the last few days as a bachelor, he is spending his time running from pillar-to-post trying to ensure that his wedding festivities will not be truncated due to model code of conduct. This reporter met him at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer – Karnataka, where he was waiting to seek permission from the election officials to conduct his wedding. Accompanied by his father, B.R. Shivanna, he said he had already visited the offices of the Bangalore South Tahsildar, Deputy Commissioner (Urban) and Director-General and Inspector-General of Police. However, only after the election officials reassured him that model code of conduct did not apply to private functions did the anxious groom breathe a sigh of relief.

- Chitra V Ramani

Beauty care and longevity

Events to celebrate special “days” are usually monotonous. However, World Health Day celebrations recently turned out to be interesting, thanks to S.N. Jayaram, Commissioner for Health and Family Welfare. He said that many people are now trying to imitate Bollywood actors, visiting beauty parlours, gyms and going for regular walks. What took people by surprise was his deduction following this. The commissioner said that this fad had led to an increase in life expectancy. While the relationship between regular walks and going to gym and life expectancy was understandable, people found it hard to figure out how visiting beauty parlours could be a contributing factor. Speaking to reporters later, a health department, tongue firmly in cheek, requested reporters to “forgive” the commissioner, who is new to the post and is yet to figure out the nitty-gritty of “healthy habits.”

- Tanu Kulkarni

Proximity politics

In politics, proximity to the boss is of paramount importance. This became evident yet again when this reporter was on a campaign trail with the former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy recently.

While this reporter was having a chat with Mr. Kumaraswamy, who was riding an open mini goods vehicle during the road show, a youngster dressed in typical “politician attire” hopped into the vehicle at Hesarghatta. “Sir, swalpa jaaga bidi, annavra jote nintkobeku,” (give me some space sir, I want to stand with brother), he said.

The person, claiming to be grama panchayat member of Hesarghatta, said that he had been planning and dreaming of this moment for at least a fortnight. As this reporter gave him space (to ensure that his dream came true!), the enterprising youngster stood very close to Mr. Kumaraswamy, waved to the people of Hesarghatta and ensured that several photographs were taken. As soon as the vehicle left Hesarghatta, he too disembarked from the vehicle and disappeared into the crowds.

- Anil Kumar Sastry


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