Even days after the crisis in the Bharatiya Janata Party Government in the State was resolved, some of the rebel MLAs from the flood-hit constituencies are yet to return to their areas.

The MLAs who camped in a luxury hotel in Hyderabad, returned to Bangalore only on Monday night, a day after the crisis ended. While some of them left Bangalore for their constituencies, others, including M.P. Renukacharya (Honnali), B.P. Harish (Harihara) and Sarvabhouma Bagali (Indi) are still in Bangalore.

These three MLAs were among the rebels who met Speaker Jagadish Shettar at his residence in Bangalore on Tuesday. They said they would return to their constituencies on Wednesday.

Propriety questioned

When asked by presspersons on the propriety of legislators being away from flood-hit constituencies at the crucial juncture of rehabilitation, Mr. Renukacharya said: “We had gone to Hyderabad not to enjoy ourselves but to study rural development and the problems in some of the villages in Andhra Pradesh.” Everyone, including the rebel MLAs who were at the Speaker’s residence, burst into laughter following this remark. He did not reply when asked to name the villages he had visited in Andhra Pradesh.

The remark invoked a barrage of questions, few of which Mr. Renukacharya could convincingly parry.

To save him from further mortification, others from the rebel group sent an aide to him with a message that he should wind up his conversation with the media immediately.

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