Members of the United Minorities Front staged a protest in Bangalore on Saturday against the government for directing school libraries to buy Bharatiyara Habba Haridinagalu (Festivals of Indians), a 640-page book.

The book written by Sri Sri Rangapriya, makes a mention of only Hindu festivals and does not mention Ramzan, Christmas, Good Friday and Buddha Poornima. The Department of State Education Research and Training has directed government primary and high schools to buy the book for their libraries.

Condemning the move, Hanuman C. of the United Minorities Front, said: “This is saffronisation of education.”

Dalit Sangharsh Samiti secretary Mavalli Shankar said: “India is a multi-religious nation and the government should not try to scuttle this reality”.

Convener of the Dalit Christian Federation Manohar Chandra Prasad said that this was an attempt to communalise children’s mind.