When 30-year-old Indrajit met with an industrial accident in which his right hand was severed at the wrist at a wire-cutting factory in Kadugodi near Whitefield, his relatives thought he would have to live with the disability for the rest of his life.

Thanks to his colleagues, who had the presence of mind to rush the severed hand within the ideal five hours to the hospital along with the patient, Mr. Indrajit's hand was reattached.

Doctors at the HOSMAT Hospital, led by micro-reconstructive surgeon Deepu N.K., laboured for eight hours to reattach the hand. Dr. Deepu told The Hindu the patient's bones were fixed using plates, wires and screws. “Using a special operating microscope, all the severed arteries, veins, nerves and muscles were joined and the skin stitched.” The wires and screws will be removed after three weeks after which the patient will have to undergo physiotherapy for two months. “He can resume normal work after that,” the doctor said.

“For reimplantation, it is crucial to place the severed part in a dry plastic bag and cover it with ice cubes. The surgery must be done within 4 to 6 hours of the injury,” Dr. Deepu added.

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