Opposition to having ‘Bangalore University’ in new varsity’s name

Undeterred by Governor and Chancellor H.R. Bhardwaj’s objection to the proposed bifurcation of Bangalore University (BU), its academic council on Monday resolved to file its opposition to the present line of demarcation of boundaries.

On the proposal to divide the university into BU, housed on the Jnanabharathi campus, and a new DVG Jnanavahini University in Hoskote, the council made it clear that BU would retain colleges in the centre of the city, as well as the Central College campus.

Besides, it quashed any proposition to include the name ‘Bangalore University’ in the new university’s name.

The resolution states: “The academic council is not in favour of using the word ‘bifurcation/splitting’ of BU. It is also opposed to the present line of demarcation. However, it is not opposed to the creation of a new university from out of BU as was done in other universities in the State.”

About retaining Central College, apart from colleges in central Bangalore, “as per the Comprehensive Development Plan of 2010”, the resolution adds: “Central College is the heart of BU. It shall therefore remain with BU. The university has emotional attachment to [it] as it was where BU [was founded] in 1964.”

Speaking to presspersons, Vice-Chancellor B. Thimme Gowda said he was aware of the Governor’s opposition to the bifurcation and BU officials would not be displeased if the plan was scrapped.

“We will also ask the government to make the geographical demarcation area-wise, not road-wise. For example, colleges in Bangalore north, south, central and Ramanagaram can be with BU, while those in Kolar, Anekal, Bangalore east and rural can come under the new varsity.”

The council also accepted the B.Ed. task force’s final report. It to form three instead of one expert committee to make recommendations on 47 colleges.

A monitoring committee will be formed to keep a track of the progress of colleges that will be granted affiliation for the coming academic year, the Vice-Chancellor said.