With Buela M. Sam’s custody coming to an end on Friday, the city police, who have not got much information from her, will seek its extension.

Senior police officials said Ms. Sam, arrested earlier this week for trespassing into the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) campus, is not cooperating with the investigation and her replies are inconsistent. “We’re yet to ascertain whether she is suffering from a mental disorder,” a source said. The police brought a photo studio owner from Kollam along with another person to ask about their links to Ms. Sam.

While the studio owner, Srinidhi Balan, affixed the photo taken to the fake ISRO ID card, the other person helped her procure the seminar invitation card, which Ms. Sam used to gain access, the police said.

Ms. Sam will be produced before the court on Friday.

The Central Industrial Security Force personnel who let her slip through the crack are being questioned and the CISF has been told to take remedial measures to prevent such security lapses.

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