The police are closing in on the suspected killers of jeweller Shravan Kumar, the brother-in-law of BJP politician Lehar Singh.

Joint Commissioner of Police S. Murugan said: “We are confident the case will be cracked soon.”

The police suspect there is more to the murder than meets the eye and that it wasn’t really a murder for gain. Though the killers cut the CCTV cable at the jewellery outlet and took away the recorder so that their identities would remain hidden, they had not countenanced the CCTV cameras at the traffic junction nearby.

Also, the mobile phone, as in several other cases, proved to be the police’s aide. Following up calls from the victim’s phone, the police said they have got a lot of clues.

Shravan Kumar was found murdered in his shop on the busy ESI Hospital junction road at Rajajinagar.

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