Noted Kannada poetess and journalist Pratibha Nandakumar is all set to don the mantle of filmmaker with her debut feature film in Kannada, to be produced by Yogaraj Bhat.

The film ‘Bhole Shankara’ is based on a short story ‘Havadiga’ by Uma Rao . The story has an interesting premise of a snake charmer coming to live in a luxury apartment complex and the conflict that arises of it between the snake charmer of the street and the upper class residents of the complex.

Ms. Nandakumar told The Hindu that being a creative artist, the form of expression was irrelevant. “While literature is a solitary exercise, in cinema you need to work with a team to express yourself on the screen. Again, technical knowledge is a prerequisite,” she said. She further said that while many litterateurs starting from Shivaram Karanth to P. Lankesh and Chandrashekar Kambar had tried their hands at film making, they were handicapped by the lack of technical skills .

Ms. Nandakumar says that she had been working with the visual medium as an assistant to noted Tamil film maker K. V. Anand for the past five years. “The years of working with K. V. Anand opened up film making vistas to me like never before,” she said.

All these years I had been preparing myself for film making and it has finally happened, she said.

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