A day after the murder of a senior citizen in Jayanagar, the police have found that two people were involved in the crime. A special team has been dispatched to Tamil Nadu to track down the main accused, Ramachandra, the plumber.

A senior official involved in the investigation informed that at first it was believed that Ramachandra had acted alone.

However, it has emerged that a second man, Vasanth, was involved after the forensics team found two separate sets of fingerprints at the crime scene.

On Monday morning, Ramachandra, who was working in the house of the victim, Chandra Narasimha (78), enticed her older sisters, Munilakshamma (88) and Sharada (79) to the terrace on the pretext of repairing some pipe in their room upstairs.

Investigators suspect that Vasanth must have then entered the room on the ground floor, where later he was confronted by the victim.

In the ensuing attack, all the sisters were attacked and robbed of their jewellery and the house ransacked. The frail Chandra didn’t survive the assault.

On Monday itself the police had taken into custody for questioning a close relative of Ramachandra and then had gone to the plumber’s house. However, he had fled by then. A team has been sent to his native village in Tamil Nadu but the police refused to name the place.

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