“Some science theorists believe that the end of science is nearing. However, I personally feel that such fears are unfounded as physics is alive and kicking on all the frontiers — the large, the small, the complex and the unclear,” T.V. Ramakrishnan, renowned theoretical physicist, said here on Saturday.

He was delivering a lecture on ‘Frontier of physics’ at Limit Infinity, an interschool science festival organised by Sishu Griha Montessori and High School, in association with Infosys Science Foundation, at the Infosys campus.

The emeritus professor of physics at the Banaras Hindu University told the participating students: “You will not see the end of anything during your time of existence.”

Research as a career

His talk also focused on modern science and provided the students a glimpse of the possibilities if they chose research as a career. He said modern science as an activity began only about 350 years ago.

During the interactive session, a student wanted to know whether it was possible to travel in time to the past. The Padma Shri award winner said: “Travelling in time to the future may become a reality as scientists are working towards finding ways to travel faster than light. I have no idea, whether we will be able to travel in time to the past.”

The professor told The Hindu later that it was possible to make physics interesting and easy for children. “Teachers must motivate children to ask questions. There is a need to increase the curiosity levels. Physics is a highly developed subject among other science subjects and tutors need a fairly serious amount of formal learning. The interest (in physics) needs to be cultivated and nurtured,” he said.