He will have to follow the law of the land: KCPCR

French Embassy official Pascal Mazurier, who is facing trial for sexually abusing his three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, has appealed to the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KCPCR) to intervene in the case and facilitate the handing over of his daughter and two sons to the Republic of France.

Mr. Mazurier’s appeal for visitation rights of his three children is being heard in the Family Court and the criminal case initiated by the State against him is under trial.

On Saturday, the Family Court heard arguments from both Mr. Mazurier and his wife Suja Jones (37) and reserved its final order for February 6.

In his letter to the KCPCR, Mr. Mazurier says that in France the children will be under the custody of the French Government Social Services, which is “available, competent and equipped” to take care of the children until the court case is over.

KCPCR chairperson Umesh Aradhya told The Hindu that he had taken note of the request; however, it was “not possible to concede to this”. “Being in India, he has no option but to follow the law of the land. He told me that in France, the Child Rights Commission or a similar body takes custody of children and allows both the mother and father to visit. I told him he will have to wait for the law to take its course.”

He also requested that the KCPCR intervene so that his children could meet him and his parents who are in Bangalore. “He said the request was in the interests of the children, who, he said, are missing him. But this is in the hands of the Family Court,” Mr. Aradhya said.

In his complaint, Mr. Mazurier has enclosed old photographs of himself with his children, the citizenship documents of all three children, and a letter allegedly written by his wife which is circulating in social media. He claims that his children are “being psychologically exploited and used as pawns” and are “under a hostage-like situation.”

When contacted, Ms. Jones said the children being separated from the mother was “certainly not in the interests of the children.” “Such a request by him undermines the process of the law that is being followed,” Ms. Jones said.

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