Chennai-Bangalore double-decker does another trial run

It was indeed a view from the top for passengers of the bright red and yellow double-decker train (operating between Chennai and Bangalore) that went on its second trial run Friday afternoon.

Passengers on this packed route can soon look forward to travelling regularly between the two metros on this train which is expected to be fully operational by March 31.

On Friday, journalists and railway employees were invited to board the train on a trial run from the City Railway Station to Krishnarajapuram.


Curious passengers on the platforms hurried to the resplendent train to sneak a peek into the coaches. It was a smooth ride for passengers on the upper deck, who said they hardly felt the movement of the train as it rushed towards Krishnarajapuram at 100 kmph.

While the view for passengers on the lower deck was nothing much to write home about, those on the upper deck had a splendid view from their blue-cushioned seats. The tabletops placed in between the seats, complete with electrical points for laptops and mobile phones, also double as dining tables and tables for business meetings for executives.

One cause of concern, however, is the really narrow gap between the train and the platform. Due to this, certain points of the train brushed against the platform. Railway authorities said that thermocol had been placed to check whether the coaches brushed against the platforms. Once that is ascertained, the platforms could be “smoothened by an inch or so”.

The air-conditioned train, which left Chennai in the morning and arrived in the city around 2.20 p.m., is a little over 14 feet high, just a foot taller than the usual coaches.


A.K. Agarwal, divisional railway manager, South Western Railway (Bangalore Division), said another three or four coaches may be added to the existing 11 coaches.

“The upper deck has 50 seats, while the lower and side decks have 48 and 22 seats respectively. With the coaches being two metres longer than conventional coaches, the space between each coach is slightly lesser compared to the usual trains,” said senior divisional mechanical engineer P. Srinivas.


Mr. Agarwal said the train would run all days of the week and maintenance and escort staff would all be handled by Chennai Railway Division.

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