The Wilson Garden Education Society, which began by imparting education to around 40 students over six decades ago, has grown into a major educational institution, offering services to 2,700 students.

The organisation is the brainchild of H. Hombe Gowda, who was Acting Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court. He strongly believed that imparting education was the only way to serve society, and started the Wilson Garden Education Society with the support of like-minded persons in the Wilson Garden area.

Their ambition was realised in 1951 when a nursery school was established in the locality, followed by the opening of the Maruthi Vidyalaya Primary School, born out of Hombe Gowda’s desire to support the middle class and poorer sections of society.

The Wilson Garden Education Society also started the Hombe Gowda Boys’ High School, Gangamma Hombe Gowda Composite Pre-University College and Gangamma Hombe Gowda First Grade College, named after him and his wife Gangamma for their contribution to the field of education.

K.V. Reddy, secretary of the society, said it was the lack of schools in the vicinity in 1950 that prompted Hombe Gowda to start the institutions.

“We do not collect donations, or deny anyone admission. With 80 teachers and 40 employees, the institution imparts quality education. Last year, the Gangamma Hombe Gowda Girls’ High Secured 97 per cent passes in SLLC,” he said.

In recognition of Hombe Gowda’s service in the fields of education, religion, literature and culture, the Bangalore City Corporation named the locality after him in 1970.

At present, the society, which runs six educational institutions is headed by Sharath Chandra, Hombe Gowda’s son.


Wilson GardenOctober 18, 2012

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