The police are yet to ascertain the reason for the malfunctioning of the lift which plummeted eight levels to the level II basement of SJR iPark in Whitefield on Tuesday afternoon.

Twelve of the 16 occupants in the cabin sustained leg fractures of varying degrees of severity when it crashed as they were coming down after having their lunch at the seventh floor canteen. None of their injuries are life-threatening.

Not clear when

It is not clear if the cable of the lift, manufactured by Kone, snapped on the seventh floor itself. The injured, security guards and employees of Fidelity Information Services Global and Unisys, were initially admitted to the nearby Vydehi Hospital where Chief Medical Officer Ashwini said: “Of the 12, six are [here in the orthopaedic ward] and the rest in other hospitals.”

All kinds of fractures

She said the injured had suffered fractures at knee joints, ankle and femur. Fellow doctor Karthik, who was at the emergency medicine wing, said there were no grave injuries.

The hospital said 15 of the occupants of the lift had been brought there after the accident. They are Premchand (25), Sanjeev Paadhkar (30), Avishanth Pande (30), Mohit Singh (30), Arun Kumar (29), Sunil Kumar (31), Josi Jhon (34), Nithin (29), Somashekhar (30), Vijay Kumar (34), Shiva Kumar (27), Shesha Sai (38), Nikhilesh Kumar (30), Gangadhar Nayak (30) and Ramcharan (30). Of them, Mr. Shesha Sai’s injuries are the most severe and he has been admitted to a private hospital on HAL Airport Road where he underwent surgery.