The most common and constant companion for anyone today is their smart phones. Keeping this in mind as well as regular reports of the safety of women being compromised, ‘Save My Soul’, a multi-platform mobile application from BMS Innolabs, was launched at the BMC College for Women here on Monday by B.S. Ragini Narayan, Chairperson, B.M.S College for Women, and donor trustee, B.M.S. Educational Trust.

The app, which is free and available on both the Apple and Android markets , is easy to download and install and simple to use in times of emergency. Among its features are a “help me now” option on the screen which immediately captures the GPS location of the user in trouble, and alerting a list of emergency contacts the user can designate after signing in.

Significantly, in case of data connectivity not being available, the app switches its mode of tracking to the SMS mode where data about your location is sent out to the server of the app through an SMS. There is also a call back option where a person from the “Save my Soul” team will call the user in case the system senses that the user is in trouble. The member will then call the user. While the system sends SMSes to the friends and emergency contacts, upon no response from them, it will place a call to the police with the last known GPS location of the user.

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