A ninth standard student, who was injured after his friend threw a stone while playing, lost sight in one eye owing to the alleged negligence of the school authorities.

Ajai Robert, a student of Maria Niketan High School at Fraser Town, was playing with his classmates on the school premises during lunch-break on Monday. One of the classmates hurled a stone at him which hit Ajai’s left eye. Owing to the impact, the iris came off and Ajai started bleeding.

Soon after the incident, the school allegedly sent the boy home instead of taking him to the hospital or calling for medical help. The authorities used a piece of cloth as a bandage.

Lost consciousness

A profusely bleeding Ajai lost consciousness on his way home and collapsed on the road. Passersby rushed him to Bowring Hospital and he was later shifted to Minto Hospital as the eye had been damaged. Doctors, who operated upon him, on Friday said the boy may not regain vision.

Refuses comment

However, Manager of the School Fr. V.M. Gregory said, “The school had offered to take Ajai to the hospital, but he insisted that he wanted to go home. Moreover, he was not bleeding when the teaching staff noticed it and they did not realise the gravity of the injury at that time.” He, however, refused to comment when asked why the school authorities did not inform his parents about the incident.

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