Flooding the city once more with tides of soulful music, Delhi-based band Indian Ocean stormed the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore's campus concert recently.

An hour-long performance by the legendary fusion band held the audience captive.

Comprising guitarist Susmit Sen, drummer and western percussionist Amit Kilam, bass guitarist Rahul Ram, vocalist Himanshu Joshi and tabla player and percussionist Tuheen Chakravarty, Indian Ocean delivered fresh music despite the demise of their founder-member Asheem Chakravarty in 2009.

“We are back at one of our favourite cities. Bangalore's always been a connecting hotspot for all forms of music to grow and be accepted. We're at home here,” said Amit before the show.

Immersing the crowd in their radiance, Indian Ocean set the mood for a sparkling evening with ‘Chand' from their latest album ‘16/330 Khajoor Road'. The scintillating hues paved the way for vintage ‘Melancholic Ecstasy' from their eponymous debut album.

The nostalgic piece meandered from melodic guitar strains to rocky pastures with the other instruments flowing in. Humour was the key to the band's performance as they interacted engagingly with the audience between songs.

Their final number seemed to come too soon. ‘Kandisa' was an emotive finale with the crowd screaming for more. Once again the ‘ocean' left its mark on Bangalore.


CultureJanuary 13, 2011