Windsor Pub has just enough tables to make sure it doesn’t get too crowded. But there is an old Irish proverb — or was it just a regular everyday adage? — about more being merrier.

At Windsor Pub, the food is irreverent, the alcohol serves the purpose and the more is always merrier. It has an old-school, rock ’n’ roll feel that ensures you will visit this place more than once.

Located next to the Kodava Samaj in Vasantnagar, the pub exudes charm and wonderful aromas that make it a strong competitor in the run for that regular place you eat at for its great food, or that quiet café.

The music spans the baby boomer era — the Beatles, Supertramp, Cake and Genesis and all those bands that my father taught me to remember fondly.

The feeble nostalgia and the ambience bathed in warm yellow light mellow you, and you are set to nurse your beer while the food keeps coming.

South-western cuisine

The vegetarians have the legendary chilli cheese toast or jalapeno gold coins to pop along with their beer. And the non-vegetarians have rows and columns of options — beef, pork, squid — the Coorg pandhi fry and masala squid rings are at the top of the list.

The cuisine spans Kerala, Mangalore and Coorg, the experience being a gastronomic equivalent of travelling the south-western coast.

The appams and chicken curry or stew is not as close as it gets to amma’s preparation, but it works. And after enough beer, it is not going to make a difference.

The service is straightforward; nobody is trying to win brownie points with you, yet the staff makes your good time simpler and more accessible.

Windsor is a beer pub, which means you get only beer, which is not really a bad deal at all. If that cannot interest you, I say go there for the food. And if that is not enough, I’ll say go there for the food and their chocolate dessert.

You could try the ‘Better Than Sex’ or BTS, which is dark chocolate teamed with ice cream and the mud pie.

Casual and comfortable, Windsor Pub is the pit stop you make after a hard day’s work, because you earned it.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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