Call to renew university affiliation system

Creation of numerous mono-faculty universities has led to fragmentation of faculties and therefore eroded quality, said H.A. Ranganath, former Director, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

He was speaking at the State-level seminar on “Quality initiatives and benchmarking in higher education” organised by the Bangalore University First Grade College Principals’ Association. “By way of carving out mono-faculty universities for medical science, engineering, agriculture, and the like, faculty members associated with the parent university were snatched away leaving a void. Also, the newly created universities were not fully equipped,” he said. He added that while academics are not realising the importance of universities with multiple faculties, the damage has already been done.

He also said that while universities were meant to guide and advise affiliated colleges, varsities were not fulfilling their role. “We need to rejuvenate and revive the affiliation system and empower colleges to deliver knowledge beyond the prescribed syllabus,” he said.

B.L. Bhagyalakshmi, Director of Collegiate Education, said the thrust of higher education must now shift to providing quality education. “We have met the main objectives of accessibility and equity in higher education, but the state of our graduates who are mostly unemployable and not job-ready, reflects on the quality of education we are providing,” she said. She pointed out that our higher education sector lacked in appropriate work culture.

“Colleges need to build brand value for themselves and set up benchmarks in all aspects of campus life,” she said.

The one-day seminar was attended by principals from across Karnataka.

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