French Diplomat Pascal Mazurier, who has been accused of raping his minor daughter, has filed a case against a blogger for revealing the identity of his daughter in an article published on the Internet.

Mr. Mazurier, who was arrested and later released on bail, is facing trial in the case. He has approached the Sanjay Nagar police seeking action against the blogger, Vineet Khare, under Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act, 2012.

In his complaint, he said that he was browsing the Google when he stumbled upon a website publishing the name of his daughter, who is not only a minor but also victim of rape. The article has been published based on a letter written by his wife, Suja Jones, in July 2012.

Mr. Mazurier said that Khare’s article not only violated the child’s rights but also amounts to defamation.

Mr. Mazurier charged that by revealing the name of his daughter on an international platform of information, Mr. Khare showed no respect for the life of a minor child as he was destroying the peace and welfare of his daughter whose name is now known internationally and linked to a criminal case.

“It was a unilateral decision made by Mr. Khare. I strongly suspect that he has acted after receiving instructions from Ms. Suja Jones,” Mr. Mazurier said in the complaint.

He requested the police to ensure that the article is removed from the Internet and take necessary action against Mr. Khare for committing the offence.

The Sanjay Nagar police said that they have sought the help of Cyber crime sleuths to trace Mr. Khare for further investigations.

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