A 45-year-old man was arrested on charges of beating to death his eight-year-old girl, after she refused to live in his house in Byatarayanapura police station limits on Thursday, police said.

The girl, Neha Singh had moved to Shimoga to live with her maternal grandparents, after her mother died and father married another woman, a few years ago. Her father Satyanarayana Singh, who owns a factory in Bangalore, recently went to Shimoga and brought the girl back to Bangalore on the pretext of educating her.

Neha was reluctant to go with her father but was convinced by her maternal grand parents, police said. She was brought to Bangalore last month but she was not comfortable staying with the stepmother and paternal grandmother. She reportedly pestered her father to take her back to Shimoga and on Thursday she threw tantrums over the issue and the matter was reported to Satyanarayana Singh, .

The enraged man allegedly beat her up with a rolling pin and the girl collapsed. The profusely bleeding Neha was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead. The Byatarayanapura police have arrested the father.

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