A security guard, who jumped off a 100-foot gorge at Shivagange Hill, near here, was rescued by personnel of the Fire and Emergency Services on Thursday. Vijay Kujmar (40) survived the fall and had to undergo ordeal for 18 hours after suffering serious injuries.

Kumar told the police that he jumped off the cliff after a dream which reportedly said he would become rich if he jumps off the hill, the police said.

Kumar reached Shivagange Hill on Wednesday and jumped from a place known as “Shanthala drop” around 4.30 p.m. Some devotees who saw him jump informed the priest.

When some of the devotees and locals climbed down the steep hill, they found him stuck in the bushes with multiple injuries.

They gave him water, but returned leaving him alone in the gorge.

Though a rescue team from the Fire and Emergency Services Department from Bangalore rushed to the spot, they did not succeed in the rescue attempt on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, another rescue team from Tumkur was pressed into service that managed to rescue him around 10.30 a.m. after pulling him up with the help of a stretcher and ropes.

Police said that Vijay Kumar sustained multiple fractures on his legs and hands apart bruises all over his body.

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