The crisis within the Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka seems to continue what with Chief Minister B.S. Yeddurappa's references to the problems his government is facing. “Let God give me enough strength to tackle the problems [faced by the government],” he said.

Mr. Yeddyurappa was participating at the Martyrs’ Day function organised by the Forest Department on Tuesday. He came to the function after a long meeting — on Monday night — of demands made by Toursim Minister Janardhan Reddy and the disgruntled ministers and legislators. “I have cancelled all the programs for today, expect this event. I am going to the Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore. I am leaving this place with a heavy heart,” Mr. Yeddyurappa said and moved out of the venue without speaking to anybody.

He started his speech saying, “It's a difficult environment we are facing. Rather than feeling we [have to work] for the country, the thinking is that the country is for them... there is breach of trust. We have no time to think about the problems faced by the people. We are forgetting that people are our masters,” Mr. Yeddyurappa said.

The Chief Minister went on and said the rich forest and mineral wealth of the State is being enjoyed by a handful of people. “It's a perplexing situation. We have to face it and address the problems of those affected (by floods). If we do not come to their rescue at this time, people will lose trust in democracy and on the elected representatives,” he said.

People affected by floods are facing difficulty in getting “ganji” (meal) twice a day. Farmers, who have been generously contributing to the progress of the State, are in tears. Action needs to be taken to ensure that the money donated by the people is properly used for the relief and rehabilitation works. “We have to go in a right way in protecting the forest and also the people. The sacrifice made by them (martyrs) should not go wasted,” he said.

Looking at the officers gathered at the venue, Mr. Yeddyurappa said, “You might be wondering as to what I am speaking today. You should realise what I am trying to say. I admit that during the last 18 months I have scolded a few officers, which might have hurt you. Forget the past and start working for the cause of the people in distress. I will stand by the officials who work with sincerity.” The Chief Minister assured the forest department personnel that he will shortly hold discussions to know the problems and redress them.

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