Sitting in a corner, seven-year-old Aishwarya was completely absorbed blowing a balloon. When she had a problem, she rushed to Charlotte, a student of Trinity School, Scotland, for help.

“It's very interesting,” said a 12-year-boy, who was also involved in the task. “After blowing air, we glue pieces of old newspapers on the balloon. When it dries and takes a proper shape, we remove the knot on the balloon. We have to colour it according to the chart on planets,” the boy said.

This group of students from the Association of People with Disability (APD) was assigned this paper mache activity by Claire Gonel, a teacher from Trinity School. Ms. Gonel is among the 32 members from six Scottish schools, here to spend 15 days with the staff and students of the APD. Their visit is part of the ongoing Global Citizenship Partnership programme between the APD and Scottish schools.

The schools involved in the programme are Trinity School, St. Ambrose School, St. Mungo's School, St. Aidan's School and St. Ninian's School. They will be visiting APD's horticultural units and its rural project in Chintamani near Kolar.

“We are experiencing the culture and education system here. We are also getting to know how APD is working towards bringing children with disabilities into the mainstream,” said Antony (16) from St. Mungo's School.

“The interaction is having a positive effect and helping us bring changes in education,” said Abhijit Mukherjee, Director, Resource Mobilisation at APD.

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