It is expected to be increased from the existing Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per person

Entry fee to the largest lung space in Bangalore is likely to be doubled shortly. It is expected to be increased from the existing Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per person.

Officials in the Horticulture Department, which manages the 242-acre garden, have said that the decision to hike the entry fee has been discussed at the government level and the department is expecting an order soon.

The last time the fee hike was effected was more than 10 years ago, officials said.

“We conducted a survey of entertainment parks and bigger public places and found that the entry fee is more than Rs. 40 per person. However, in the interest of the public, we have decided to keep the entry fee at Rs. 20,” an official said. Further, the official said: “While extra charges are levied on carrying cameras in other parks, at Lalbagh, this is not the case.”

Besides, the official pointed out, the department had been incurring expenses on development works in the garden.

Once the order to hike the entry fee comes in, fresh tenders have to be called for gate collection. Currently, the department gets Rs. 2.3 crore annually from the contractor who has been awarded the tender.

Parking fee too?

A decision on the parking fee is yet be taken, the official said.

While about 3,000 visitors come to Lalbagh daily, the number doubles during weekends. The turnout during the Independence Day and Republic Day flower shows are in lakhs each day.

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