Fifteen-year-old Abishek hopes his bones will no longer break every time he tries to chase a puppy down the street and trips. The boy, studying in class 10, suffers from brittle bones, a genetic disorder that causes frequent fractures, and is waiting for a surgery that promises to make his bone strong.

Like him, eight-year old Gururaj from Belgaum is waiting to know how it means to land your feet on the ground and walk straight. Born with club feet, he is waiting to take those first steps of his life without having to bend his thighs or knees.

The two are among the 200 children, set to undergo complex surgeries to correct bone deformities during a free week-long camp to be conducted here from tomorrow by 30 expert surgeons from India and around the world, spearheaded by city-based doctor Mr. Sharan Patil.

Dr. Patil, who shot to global fame after a 27-hour surgery, that transformed the life of two-year-old eight-limbed Lakshmi, nicknamed Durga for sporting extra limbs, is now hoping to transform many more lives.

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