If you’re tired of the same old soaps on TV and are in the mood for some comedy and entertainment in Kannada, maybe it’s time you explored some interesting channels online that may just make you laugh out loud.

Mindry.in, an online channel which started in 2008, is soon about to complete five years this April and is also close to reaching the million hits mark on YouTube. The channel mainly hosts a range of comedies including spoofs, political satires and theatre of the absurd. So far it has hosted more than 120 videos on YouTube which members claim have viewership and members claim that their viewership straddles only India but also the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, Canada and The Netherlands.


Behind Mindry.in’s success is the teamwork of the four primary members — Harish Kumar, Arjun Sharma, Sharat Kowligi and Swaroop Ramachandra — who generate content and perform. The quartet not only has experience in theatre but also in creation of online content and digital marketing. However when a play/show requires a bigger cast, other members team pitch in.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Harish Kumar said: “We wanted to form a group that could deliver quality humour in Kannada. Kannada theatre has had a history of humour and satire. Our main focus is on generating online content that goes into the plays.”

Biggest hit

The group members said that they draw inspiration from Master Hiranniah, BeeChi and the classic Monty Python series. Their plays such as Manaviya Maama and others have been also staged at the K.H. Kala Soudha, Seva Sadana, J.S.S. Auditorium and the Nani Arena here in the city. The channel’s biggest hit yet is the spoof, Job Interview, which has received more than 80,000 hits on YouTube.

Grabbed attention

The shows have also grabbed the attention of some investors who have shown interest in the formation of a full-fledged online portal which would focus on the content generated by Mindry.in.

Mindry.in’s shows can be accessed on youtube.com/mindryin and other details on facebook/com/mindryin

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