Even Kannadigas do not seem keen to fully implement Kannada as the administrative language, according to Mukhyamantri Chandru, chairperson of the Kannada Development Authority.

Dictionary released

Speaking after releasing Bangalore Electricity Supply Company’s (Bescom) Administrative and Technical Kannada dictionary, here on Monday, he lamented that even after so many years, 100 per cent implementation of Kannada as the official administrative language is still a distant dream.

The main objective of all departments is to provide services to citizens. “But senior officials of many departments are neglecting Kannada, they are issuing orders in English. Even in lower courts, though the lawyers and judges are Kannadigas, the arguments and judgments are in English. Unfortunately, for the common Kannadiga, this vital information remains inaccessible,” he said.

Mr. Chandru said that many languages are becoming extinct across the world. There are more than 6,500 different languages across the world. In Karnataka alone, there are at least 160 languages.

“It is important to make Kannada functional as well. Though exact translations may not be possible for many words, such as bus, police, these words can be used as they are,” he added.

Bescom’s managing director Pankaj Kumar Pandey said that the usage of technical words is increasing in day-to-day administration and that the dictionary will help them translate those words to Kannada.

He stressed on the need to have a translation team in all departments. the importance of every department having a separate translation team.

Bescom official S.K. Nagaraj, who was instrumental in bringing out the dictionary, was felicitated.

Bescom’s Director (Technical) H. Nagesh, Director (Finance) Guru Prasad, Chief General Manager (Corporate Affairs) Muniraju and president of KEB Engineers’ Association Venkat Shiva Reddy spoke.

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