Music being taught in universities is producing many reviewers but not many artistes, said Jnanpith winner Chandrashekar Kambar in Bangalore on Friday.

Speaking at the launch of Shrotruvige Arivu and Swara Yatre, Kannada translations of renowned Hindustani classical vocalist Prabha Atre’s books, Dr. Kambar expressed his reservations about music courses being taught in universities in the State using the “English methodology”.

“Music is taught in the British system — tabla in one period, another instrument in another period. Through this system, many reviewers were born, but not a single artiste. Reviewers are a creation of the British system. To learn music, the guru-shishya system is very important,” he said.

Ms. Atre’s books were translated by musicologist Sadanand Kamavalli.


Later, Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar spoke about the government’s contribution to arts and music and mentioned the establishment of the Janapada University and Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University as achievements.