Dhaba offers more than just good food; it comes with an assurance of quality and hygiene, and the promise of the feel of a home kitchen.

Located on Palmgrove Road in Austin Town, the restaurant was started by Kamal Peter, who says he loves cooking as much as he loves this locality, where he was born.

Without any formal culinary training, Kamal experimented with different culinary styles, even establishing an eatery that served rural Kannada cuisine, before zeroing in on north Indian cuisine and mastering the art of tandoori.

Low on oil

Dhaba serves a number of tandoori chicken items as well as popular breads such as the naan, roti and kulcha — all of which are prepared with little or no oil to ensure their more health-conscious customers are not disappointed.

The menu has a sufficient range of vegetarian gravies and starters. Most importantly, the veggies are spiced in a way that the real taste of every vegetable is retained.

Inspired by his mother, Kamal, who personally prepares the tandoori items and dum biriyani, still feels she is a better cook than he will ever be.

At Dhaba, the kitchen is left open so that customers can enter to add their own specifications. To ensure the freshest food for its customers, the restaurant never buys extra stock, as it would rather turn customers away than serve them leftovers.

This is an affordable joint with a spacious terrace dining area that can seat up to 50 people at a time.

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