CCE scrapping has upped pressure on us, they fume

After having gone through a series of tests, assignments, projects and a mid-term examination as part of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), first year pre-university students across the State began their annual examinations on Friday.

But, the pressure of preparing for the annual examinations multiplied after the Department of Pre-University Education announced that the CCE would be scrapped, bringing back the annual examination system.

This means that students’ performance in the four tests and mid-term examination, besides projects and assignments, will not be considered. Instead, students’ performance will be judged by only the annual exams.

While some argue that the system was brought back keeping in mind rural students, students from the city The Hindu spoke to were livid that the marks of their four tests, mid-term assignments, projects and assignments were not being considered. To compound it, they said they had to start from scratch for their exams.

Nikhil R. Ashwath, a student of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, J.C. Road, said: “It is double the work for us now. We have been studying all year and they suddenly cancel it at the end of the year. How do they expect us to cope with the pressure? They should have planned it better.”


Mount Carmel College student Misba Zohra said students were confused and did not know what to expect. “A bag of surprises was thrown at us today. We didn’t even know how to start studying. Later, our teachers told us to study the entire year’s portion. We feel like we are studying for our board exams all over again.”

The 1PU exams, which began on Friday with the English paper, will go on until March 5.

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