Garbage that remained uncollected for the second consecutive day began to fester on Thursday in dumps across the city. Garbage City would have been a better epithet for Bangalore with Wednesday’s rain making matters worse.

Predictably, markets and public places were the worst hit. A recce of K.R. Market early on Thursday revealed a mess. Papers, plastic covers, eatable leftovers, fruit peels, food covers and water bottles were strewn on the roads. When asked, people did not know the reason for the situation but complained angrily about the filth and the stench. Pradeep, who owns a sugarcane juice stall, said: “I have kept an extra dustbin to dump the sugarcane leftovers as the garbage has not been collected since yesterday.” Chandrakala Kale, a homemaker who comes to shop at the market twice a week, said: “Today I got irritated because of the filth. The streets are horrifying here because of the rain and stray dogs.”

Meghalkini, who sells the footwear on the pavement of K.R. Market Road, was a picture of misery.

“After it rained in the afternoon, the filth came to the place where we sit. It is a mess.”

Commercial Street was cleaner as private contractors maintain it.

Hajee Sulaiman Sait, secretary of Bangalore Commercial Street Association, said: “We give the contract to private people to sweep and clean the roads. But the dump yards are full of filth today. If this continues, Commercial Street will be affected.”

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