A four-month-old baby boy was allegedly stolen from an autorickshaw in which he was sleeping while his mother stepped out for a few minutes.

According to the police, on Wednesday, the boy’s mother, Jyothi, had taken the auto with her mother, and had stopped at Chikkalsandra to go to a medical store. As the chemist did not have change, Jyothi asked her mother for some. The grandmother left the baby in the auto and went to the store. When they returned to the auto, they found the baby missing.

The auto driver claimed he had been speaking on his mobile phone while standing near the vehicle and saw nothing. The police said the women had paid the driver and had not noted down the number.

A shawl that was wrapped around the baby was found near the vehicle.

The women filed a complaint with the Subhramanyapura police, who have booked a case of kidnap. They are attempting to trace the auto driver as well.

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