August Fools is a reaction against darker films

Finnish filmmaker Taru Makela is elated as her August Fools, a romantic comedy set against the political backdrop of the Cold War years, was well received by the audience at the ongoing sixth edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival (6BIFFes).

“Comedy is preferred by the Indian audience too and they naturally liked my film,” she beamed.

Both a fictional and documentary filmmaker, Ms. Makela wants to be identified as a story teller. “The intention behind the making of August Fools is to make people laugh at the foibles of dictators and offer common people some happiness in their lives. Since the last decade, filmmakers are churning out films on dark subjects which lack colour. My film is a reaction to such films,” she smilingly remarks.

Government funding

Talking about the problems faced by filmmakers in Finland, she said the problem is a common one throughout Scandinavian countries which have to contend with the overpowering invasion of Hollywood in local markets. “However, our films are still surviving because of government funding,” she admits.

Asserting that the Finnish government does not interfere with the filmmakers’ right to expression, she says: “We enjoy total freedom and the film industry in our country is self-regulated.”

A Government-controlled lottery system funds films through Finnish Film Foundation, she says, adding that some filmmakers were also producing films with the support of local television channels and private financers.


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