On the eve of International World Elders Day, two women were relieved of gold jewellery in south Bangalore by imposters who said they were the police

On Sunday evening, two men accosted Chengumani (68), a resident of Padmanabhanagar, near the Banashankari BDA complex, and introduced themselves as police officers.

They told her that an elderly woman was killed two days ago in the area and that they were conducting a safety awareness drive. One of them warned Ms. Chengumani against wearing gold as she could be an easy target for attackers.

The men then asked her to remove her two gold chains and keep them in her handbag. Though the woman initially resisted, she succumbed to their sweet talk. One of the imposters took the gold chains and placed them in her handbag. A reassured Ms. Chengumani went home only to find the chains, worth Rs. 2.7 lakh, missing.

A few hours later, Geeta (60) and her husband were walking in Banashankari II Stage near their house when they were approached by four men on two motorbikes who introduced themselves as police patrol. They had a similar murder to narrate and asked Ms. Geeta to remove her gold jewellery for safekeeping. She complied with the request and one of the four put her gold chain and four bangles in her handbag.

When the couple reached home, sure enough, all that jewellery, worth Rs. 3 lakh, was gone.

Attacked, robbed

An armed gang of four robbed a petrol pump owner and made away with Rs. 1.3 lakh after attacking him with lethal weapons in R.T. Nagar on Sunday night.

The victim, Prakash, a resident of Ganesha Block, owner of a petrol bunk at Manorayanapalya, told the police that he was going home with the day’s collection when the gang, on two bikes, ambushed him on K.H.B. Colony Road.

When Prakash fell down due to severe blows, the gang sped away with his motorcycle which had the cash. Passersby shifted him to a hospital where he is said to be out of danger.