K.K. Seethamma, former head of the Department of Women Studies, Bangalore University (BU), and the head of the committee against sexual harassment in the university, has hit back at criticism against her comments on the issue of dress code.

Maintaining that she had said nothing wrong, she said what she had advocated was saris for teachers, and not uniforms for students.

She also maintained that her comments were strictly with respect to educational institutions.

Reacting to a protest organised by women's groups here on Wednesday, in which volunteers demanded that she apologise for her comments, she said that she would do no such thing, as she had spoken out of experience.

“I will not apologise,” she said and added, “Instead of raking up such trivial matters, why can't these women's organisations concentrate on causes such as malnourishment, the skewed sex ratio?”


On whether the university has a policy on dress code, she said that there was no printed word on the issue.

“However, modest dressing is advocated,” she said. Most reputed colleges in the city, and even across the country, have a dress code in place, she added.

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