Parents tried to dissuade Abhishek from undergoing surgery

Parents of R. Abhishek were against the gynecomastia surgery right from the beginning, and were trying to dissuade him from going to the hospital till the last minute. “Had he listen to us, he would have been with us today,” S. Ramesh who is a Superintendent in the Horticulture Department in Gadag, who lost his only son due to alleged overdose of anaesthesia, told The Hindu.

“I had premonition and told him repeatedly not to go to hospital but to come back with us. I even tried to entice him saying we would have a nice lunch and go shopping instead. But he was adamant and wanted to get rid of that lump which was embarrassing him,” Mr. Ramesh said.

“I told him that even now we can go back, but he said, ‘Don’t worry, Appa, It will be over soon.’ Those were his last words as he went inside the OT while I gave him my blessings. We did not even give him a glass of water as he had to be on empty stomach. When we left him there, we had idli and coffee without him for the first time in our life,” said the grieving father.

Abhishek got admitted to Panacea Hospital at around 7 a.m. March 17 and went into surgery around 9.45 a.m. “Within 15 minutes, there was commotion at the OT. Doctors said there was some complication and that he has been shifted to ICU before the surgery. We were then taken to the ICU and the doctors explained to us that everything is normal and Abhishek will be all right. It was only at night that doctors told us that his health deteriorated and he needed advance treatment. We were worried and asked what went wrong, but they did not give us convincing replies until he was shifted to Columbia Asia hospital.” Columbia Asia initially refused to take Abhishek but Panacea persuaded it to. It was there that the boy’s parents realised that something was terribly wrong.

PU plans

Mr. Ramesh recalled that he and his son had planned to shop for a watch, floaters and a pair of jeans as a gift for his second year PU admission after the surgery. “But the fate had other plans.”

Meanwhile, a statement from Panacea Hospital said the 16-year-old was to undergo cosmetic surgery for gynecomastia and administered general anaesthesia as per standards. He was hemodynamically stable. The surgeon gave a tumescent infiltration into the right breast. Before infiltrating the left, Abhishek developed sudden cardiac arrest which was immediately recognised. All further action was taken as per protocol and he was shifted on ventilator support to Columbia Asia as the request of his family.

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