While cricketer Sachin Tendulkar scored centuries and hit boundaries and sixes, this judge of the Karnataka High Court too was doing the same every day “by way of singles”.

This was how senior counsel Ravivarma Kumar described the way V. Jagannathan, who is retiring on Saturday, disposed of petitions in a speedy and effective manner.


The display board, which indicates the status of cases in each court hall, always showed that Mr. Jagannathan was scoring a “century” every day, said Mr. Kumar during a farewell ceremony. He pointed out that Mr. Jagannathan heard more than 100 cases on every sitting day while comparing each case that he dealt with to a single scored in a cricket match.

Mr. Kumar said Mr. Jagannathan had disposed of the highest number of cases during his short tenure as judge of the High Court.

Meanwhile, Vikramajit Sen, Chief Justice of the High Court, said he found Mr. Jagannathan “humble and a person of great judicial temperament”.

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