Organic health drinks from Bruhaniya can help beat the heat or even lose weight

For those of us whose knowledge of healthy herbs is limited to what our grandmothers poured down our throats, or the expensive branded ayurvedic products available at select stores these days, Bruhaniya, an organic health drink store on Hosur Main Road, comes as a welcome change.

The store, whose name is an ayurvedic term referring to herbs that promote growth, has a range of simply irresistible thirst quenchers at great prices.

Researching ingredients

A year ago, Chethan Kumar felt the need to take a complete detour from his career — he was working at Tata Motors — to start this unique venture with his uncle H.B. Pujari.

“In the first place, starting an organic health drink joint required a lot of research. For almost six months, we went about consulting ayurvedic doctors and friends about the ingredients and the health benefits,” says Chethan.

Their store has become very popular through word of mouth. That it is conveniently located for professionals working in the area, helps.

Herbal shots

A must try among their 12 varieties of herbal shots is the cooling tulsi amla drink, perfect to bring down body temperature.

There are over thirty varieties of tea here made by blending herbs and organic sweeteners, ranging from ‘sports energy tea' to ‘slimming tea' and even ‘sleep well tea'. Another unique drink here is the sprouted navadhanya mix. “Made of nine different sprouted pulses, it helps regulate body weight,” says Chethan.

A light snack of mixed sprouts beats any street-side chaat not only in its nutritional value but also pricing.

Special sweetener

Bruhaniya makes its own palm sugar, which is supposed to be a nutritional and flavoursome alternative to cane sugar, beneficial for diabetic patients.

There aren't too many healthy snacks to munch on here, apart from sprouts, fruit sandwich and gulkhand bun. “Because of lack of space, we are unable to include more variety in our snacks. But we hope to be able to introduce a few more soon,” says Chethan.

Other than the drinks and snacks, the store serves fruit juices, gulkhand, soups, ice cream and fruit salad.

The least expensive of the products is the elaichi kulfi at a mere Rs. 4, while the most expensive would be the litchi milkshake at Rs. 60.

Bruhaniya, located next to the Spice showroom, adj. Begur Road, Bommanahalli, is open all week from 6.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Call 9535879557or 9886121121 for details.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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