The quirky FIFA-themed Google doodles keep you smiling

As the World Cup gets underway, one of the highlights online have been Google’s quirky doodles. Pranav Shastry, a media professional loves them. “It is fun and innovative. I hope they come up with different doodles all through the World Cup. I enjoyed the ones that represented the trees at the opening ceremony. It made up for the rather indifferent show. The doodles ensure that the FIFA mood lingers throughout the day. It sets the mood for the evening’s matches.”

Shivank Govil, an IT professional is not a football fan and finds himself the odd one out. “I am not a fan and the doodles start to lose their inventiveness after the first couple of days. I think it should not be spread across the duration of the World Cup. It supposes that everyone is a football fan. I am sure people will not be very pleased if Google celebrated something such as a science month! The doodles are fun when they showcase events from across the world and do not stick to just one event.”

Businessman Subodh Nischal is not a football fan, but watches the World Cup religiously and does not mind the series of doodles that showcase the world cup. “It is innovative and perks up the page. It provides an opportunity for the layman to learn more about the event and brings in a sense of ownership about it. It is good that the doodles have been inclusive and has been rolled out even in countries that are not participating in the World Cup.”

While gamer Moshin Ahmed likes the doodles, he hopes that they would offer more innovations. “I really liked the doodles during the Olympics. I used to play the many flash games it offered. I hope they do something like that for the World Cup too. It will bring in more eyeballs and draw attention on social media sites.”