A hobby class takes children step by step through the basic concepts of applied science

Gone are the days when hobby classes were restricted to art, craft, music and sports. Three months ago, five engineers came together to redefine hobby classes by forming a club that aims to attract youngsters to a wide range of activities that include aero modelling, electronic projects, mechanical projects and robotics.

These five engineers say their classes at Bobby Hobby Club are an attempt to break stereotypical notions of engineers. They want children to understand and get hands-on experience about machines and electronic gadgets.

Most popular

Explaining the different activities that are offered, Shivkumar S.N., one of the founders of the club, said that the aero modelling hobby is the most popular. He said: “Initially we give them unfinished models and ask them to complete the model.”

The focus is to learn the hobby step by step. “First we encourage students to fly small aeroplanes made of cardboard. We then move on to foam, wooden and rubber models that are battery-operated.”

Although the hobby club is new, the trainers have been instructors at schools for 15 years now. Mr. Shivkumar said: “All of us have our own professions and we do this to unwind. We started this hobby club as we want to pursue our hobbies by sharing them with young children.”

The club conducts outreach programmes every month so that its students can pass on the skills they have acquired to government school students. Mr. Shivkumar explained: “The gap between the upper middle class and lower middle class children is large. We aim to sensitise the community by conducting such programmes.”

Extra dash

Several students also come to these classes to add an innovative touch to their assignments and projects. Flaunting his new model, Mohak N., a student, said: “My model aims to demonstrate how the lift starts. It took me less than four hours to make it.”

A. Abhirath, who is working on a catapult glider model, said: “Our trainers have a lot of experience which is passed on to us.” He also explained that the raw materials for these models are expensive, which is why they need a club like this one.

A.M. Chirag, an electronic project student, said: “It’s a good platform for me to exercise my practical and application skills.”

Mr. Shivkumar said he gets a kick when his students tell him how they repaired electronic gadgets at their house without any assistance. “Some of them are able to repair some gadgets using simple tools. They are able to do this because they have grasped basic concepts like input of current and power management system.”

Some of the hobby classes include aero modelling, electronic projects, mechanical projects, robotics; 3D modelling.

The hobby classes cost Rs. 60 per hour and are conducted at Basaveshwarnagar. Call 9341483999.