Some of Karnataka's precious heritage dating back to the Neolithic and Megalithic periods is facing threat from the granite lobby and needs to be saved, visual art historian K.V. Subramanyam said here on Tuesday.

Addressing presspersons, he said the painted rock shelters in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, discovered between 2009 and 2011, have priceless historical and archaeological value.

The paintings, all on granite, were discovered at three places — Tekal and Ghattamadamangala, both in Kolar, and Kangundi, near Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh.

“In some places, the paintings are not of human forms, especially those in Ghattamadamangala. The ones found here are coded, and may have been used for communication,” said the art historian.

The paintings were drawn using earth colours, which are more or less permanent. However, the colours may have changed due to chemical reactions, he added.

He wanted the Archaeological Department to step in and save the paintings. “These rock shelters are in grave danger due to the granite lobby, especially the ones in Ghattamadamangala. I request the authorities to save them,” he said.

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