The service is so quick that weary travellers make it a must-stop spot

It is probably the sole surviving eatery on the busy length of Bellary Road. Afrina is just the stop for weary travellers to grab a quick bite. And, the service is quick indeed as the main course is ready to be served even before you have had your fill of the appetizers.

Painted in bright colours of red, orange and yellow, with hints of blue, Afrina makes you take a second look and it's hard to resist going inside to sample the dishes. Afrina, a garage-turned-restaurant, gives the warm and cosy feel of a café.

Indian and Chinese cuisines, both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian, spicy or mild, are on offer. The chicken satay — grilled chicken meat barbecued with groundnut, cashew and onion seasoning, served on skewers wrapped in silver foil — is quite a mouthful as you get around to finishing the eight pieces per plate. The lip-smacking vegetarian momos are almost as good as the chicken.

Sweet and tangy

For the main course, the Singapore vegetable noodles, served hot with strips of carrots and capsicum, heighten the taste when dipped in the Shanxi chicken gravy. The pieces of chicken in it absorb the red sweet and tangy flavour of the puree, creating a pleasant taste. But be warned, the red of the gravy tends to colour your lips. So make good use of the handy paper tissues.

However, you could try the mixed vegetable cashew nut gravy as an alternative to go with the noodles.

They do not have much of a variety to offer in the dessert section except the caramel pudding. Moist and soft, one slice it is enough to provide the finishing touches to your meal.

For a restaurant that is barely a year old, Afrina has become a favourite haunt among some members of the Kannada film fraternity.

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